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2017 Auto Mechanika SHANGHAI Exhibition

Jan 01, 1970 - Jan 01, 1970 6.1F59

Guangzhou SHUNLI Machine Co., Ltd is the leader manufacturer in Southern of China, specialized in post lift and scissor lift only, accumulated more than 12 years production experience, a very professional and powerful company.


2017 Auto Mechanika SHANGHAI Exhibition hold on 29th Nov.-2th Dec. We have booked the second largest booth in the whole hall say 200 square meters. Here is our lay out:


2017 Auto Mechanika SHANGHAI Exhibition


Waiting for you to visit our booth 6.1F 59.... To see the great time of SHUNLI


Following is the samples display in the Exhibition:

1. SHL-Y-J-35B

2. SHL-Y-J-50CS

3. SHL-Y-J-DW3.0A

4. SHL-Y-J-DW3.0C

5. CX30TC

6. CD5040TCC

7. SHL-Y-J-55DL

8. C240L Electrical Release

9. C250L Manual Release

10. C240W Manual Release

11. SHL-4-455D Pneumatic Release

12. SHL-BG2000 Battery Charge Lifting Platform